Introduction to the Giant Mini – TFC 2019

When I walked through the doors of Imurj in downtown Raleigh into the first Super Smash tournament I had the opportunity to attend as a recruiter, I was skeptical of the talent I would find and wondered if there would be someone there who was interested in the opportunity I had to present.  Raleigh Premier Gaming had organized this March event and my goal was to leave with an athlete to join Triangle Delta as a Super Smash competitor.  I shuffled around the dimly lit bar quietly watching every player warm up and decided I would wait until further into the tournament before chatting with any players.  Being that this wasn’t the first Smash Fest organized by RPG I decided to ask who I should be watching.  At this point I knew that one of the top players in the state of North Carolina was in the room so I was keeping a close eye on his matches.  Kris with RPG mentioned him but then said, “See the guy over by the water cooler?  Keep an eye on him because he did very well last time.”  That was the first time I saw the man they call Mini.  I spent the next hour watching every match he played as he easily and respectfully handled each opponent in his path.  The accuracy and finesse I saw in this Inkling main was impressive and I immediately knew this was someone I was interested in. The winners bracket was reaching its finals and Mini was watching the main stage to see who he would be facing when I introduced myself.  The conversation went something like this.

Me: “Hey, I’m Tyler.  You’re Inkling is pretty solid.”

Mini: “Thanks.”

Me: “Are you currently associated with an eSports organization?”

Mini: “No”

Me: Shaking and fearing rejection “Do you want to be?”

Mini: “Absolutely”

The rest of the conversation was short as I anxiously shared a little more about Triangle Delta and Mini expressed that he was excited to have this opportunity.  The show still had to go on!  Mini lost in winners finals to #4 (at the time) in the state of NC, came back from the losers bracket and had some extremely intense matches nearly flipping the bracket before finally falling again to this Sonic main and finishing in second.  I was afraid to leave because I didn’t even think that I would be able to keep this awesome talent interested in what I had to offer.  I quickly told Mini we would be in touch, could not wait to get him on board, and walked out the door.

Skip forward to October, Mini has officially been with Triangle Delta ESports for just over 4 months and has continuously improved his competitive skill.  Mini competes in every tournament he can get to, has a passion for what he is doing and continues to find new ways to prove that Inkling is here to stay.  With The Fall Classic happening in Chapel Hill this weekend, Mini began marching through the bracket making short work of everyone he faced.  After reaching the winners finals, it was time to face off against the real competition.  In a tough matchup Mini lost and would have to climb back up from the losers bracket for a second chance at #5 in the state of South Carolina.  This proved to be no difficult task so the grand finals began with an Inkling and Falco face-off.  Mini took down Falco, forcing his competitor to swap to Zero Suit Samus.  This proved to have some potential but Mini was able to handle the change in attack and flip the brackets with a 3-2 win!  Match after match he continued to grind deep into his damage before finally falling 3-1 in the final set.  Second place at a major regional tournament as an un-ranked Inkling main?  Not bad if you ask us at Triangle Delta.

His competitive talent is continuously improving, but it is all just a side to the fact that Mini is a class act.  Hector (Mini’s actual name) has lived in multiple places including Puerto Rico, which he claims as home.  His friends from PR love and support him well on his journey and anyone who gets to know him will tell you that you wouldn’t meet a more genuine kind individual.  He even finished 4th all time on the island in Smash 4!  The lesson I have learned is to never disrespect the quiet composed guy by the water cooler.  Keep your eyes on Mini because with time I feel that he can matchup against anyone in this sport!  Kudos to you Mini.  Keep Smashing!

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