Carolina Game Summit 2020 Recap

What a weekend!  Triangle Delta Esports competed in 7 out of 26 events at Carolina Games Summit and was on the podium in 6.  That is nearly a quarter of the events!  Outstanding!

We arrived on Friday night to set up our booth, spectate some events that we wouldn’t be competing in and get connected with everyone coming out to enjoy the night.  The night went well and we prepared for the excitement that Saturday was going to bring.  In the morning, anticipation was building while passing farmland and pasture all the way to Goldsboro.  This was the first same day event that many of our athletes would be competing in so it felt like everyone had something to prove.  The tournaments started at noon.

Madden was the first one up.  With the super bowl looming, this was bound to be a fun event!  There were 11 entrants, 3 of which were TDE athletes so we entered feeling pretty confident in placement potential.  After completion of the semi-finals it was going to come down to two TDE athletes competing in the championship and the third fighting for a chance to sweep the podium.  WigglexxxSticks took the defeat in and finished fourth but all eyes were on the championship between DBREEZY and Lumbersnack.  DBREEZY rotated a lineman in at tight end to up his blocking which extremely improved his ability to run the ball and after a hard fought battle took the victory.

Meanwhile over in the Xbox area, Nero was competing in the Halo free for all tournament.  With 14 entrants there would be 2 semi-final lobbies.  Nero took first place in his semi-final and fell just short of reaching the podium in the final event.  The day was just getting started.  Some technical difficulties kept the Gears team from competing at the originally scheduled time, which gave us all the opportunity to enjoy some of the fighting game tournaments we would be entering.  Darkwraith and MobiusRaven were 2 of the 8 entrants competing in BlazBlue Cross Tag.  They met early on and MobiusRaven knocked Darkwraith to the losers bracket.  Darkwraith climbed up through the losers bracket to face MobiusRaven in the final where he fell short once again giving TDE 1st and 2nd in the event.  Darkwraith also placed 3rd in the Street Fighter V and Dragonball FighterZ events.

As we were getting later into the evening, it was time for the big 64 (what a perfect number) entrant Super Smash Bros Ultimate event to begin.  Mini was locked and loaded and with the new rotation to Wolf would make light work early on.  He won himself all the way through the winners bracket and was able to lock a first or second place finish.  In a hard fought battle with a very impressive Link, Mini closed out the night with a win and took first place!  At the same time he was winning and celebrating, the technical issues had been fixed and our Gears of War squad had found themselves knocked to losers bracket.  With 4 Gears teams competing and double elimination the tournament was moving quickly.  GoGoPowerUp, Anomxly, and Kurrency teamed up with two friends and fought back, flipping the bracket in the finals to bring it down to one final match.  They were unable to close with a win and ended up taking 2nd place.

There were many other tournaments to spectate and the event was extremely fun to be a part of.  We learned a lot as competitors and an organization on how we need to improve our approach.  Also, several of our athletes met for this first time and you could feel the community bonding.  We are thankful for Carolina Games Summit, CLT Esports and more for putting this event together and look forward to coming back next year with more teams.  Tune in next week for an opportunity to see Mini compete again in two smash events as well as our Fortnite duos competing in the Triangle Esports Championship!  #Triangle Delta #TheChallengeIsYours

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