Triangle Esports Championship 2020

  • The second annual Triangle Esports Championship had its complications, but when the competition was happening it was very entertaining.  This showcased some of the best talent in the area across the four different esport tournaments, along with a little fun rivalry action between UNC and Duke the same night as the riveting overtime basketball game in Chapel Hill.  It was a successful weekend for TDE.  We didn’t walk away with the trophies but we walked away with new connections, new fans and more.  TDE only competed in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Fortnite tournaments. 

In Super Smash, our star Mini was in a bracket with 98 total entrants.  He won two sets before falling to Rubber, initiating the bottom bracket climb.  He was able to reach the quarterfinals where he faced off against an extremely tough Greninja in Wasabi and fell 3-2.  However, this guaranteed him a tied for 7th place finish and a small chunk of the prize pool plus an onstage announcement and photo.  

Meanwhile, the struggling Fortnite tournament had seen one of our duos experience success while the other was falling short in the semis.  JerryJohnsWHAT and ImmortaL had practiced all week dropping Risky Reels and when they did there was no one there.  With eliminations and placement 12 or higher being the only opportunity for points, it was important that some eliminations be scored throughout the match and they were having a hard time finding competitors.  Through three matches and a couple unfortunate knocks, including a double snipe knock of JerryJohnsWHAT, they were only able to acquire 2 eliminations and scored no placement.  This would not prove enough to advance to the finals.  However, Dr Lonz and KunFuTanda had found their way from Steamy Stacks to late game and scored 3 placement points in match 1, 5 placement points in match 2, and picked up 7 eliminations across all 3 matches easily advancing to the finals.  As the night lengthened and the original 6PM finals start time was pushed back to 9PM we all sat around waiting for the $3000 prize pool finals to start.  Due to the late start time, the format changed from a 5 game set to a single winner take all.  TDE dropped in and found themselves in an early game fight that unfortunately led to elimination.  We all left tired after a long day but feeling ready to take on the next Fortnite challenge.

It is encouraging to see these events occurring.  We applaud Bull City Gaming along with all the sponsors on getting the event to the finish line, and look forward to seeing how it is improved in the future.  Keep your eyes peeled for how TDE will help this space moving forward and as always continue to support as we look to represent our fans and this area in the industry!  Go Delta!

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