Jeremiah Johnson

Hometown: Ellenboro, NC

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 155 lbs

Age: 22

Gametime Beverage: Cheerwine

Gametime Snack: Chocolate

Jeremiah has been playing Fortnite since the beginning of season 3.  His talent has shown consistent improvement and he is often known as the team member that carries a squad to victory royale.  He mains in the Mall & Neo Tilted wearing an elite agent skin.

Born in Shelby, NC but has lived in multiple states.  Spent most of his life in Ellenboro, NC where he attended East Rutherford High School.  He played soccer in high school and graduated in 2015.  Currently lives in the Triangle area of North Carolina with a full time job as a Home Evaluator.

Monitor: Asus VG245

Controller: Basic PS4

Headset: Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon

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