Lukas Pantus

Hometown: Springfield, MA

Height: 5’7.5″

Weight: 165

Age: 21

Gametime Beverage: Coffee

Gametime Snack: String Cheese

Growing up Lukas always had a competitive spirit whether it be sports, grades, or anything else. He was raised in a very culturally Ukranian household and video games were something his parents always frowned upon. He never had a console, a computer, or even a TV in the house. When he was younger he would sneak onto his moms work laptop and play CS 1.6. He was in love with the game. At about age 14 he had saved enough money to buy a computer, which was around the time Counter Strike Global Offensive had come out. He was instantly hooked. Ever since he has not been able to find a game that requires the skill, strategy, and teamwork at the same level that CS does. Ever since playing CSGO, he has put hours of his life to become the best at his craft. Watching all the professionals stream and taking any notes needed to become the best. He am still learning everyday and knows there is still room for growth like everything in life, but he is ready to take on that challenge with sights on the professional scene!

PC: Custom Built, GTX 1060 6Gb, Intel i5, MSI B150M PRO, 250gb Samsung SSD, 1TB Seagate HDD

Mouse: Zowie Fk2

Mousepad: HyperX S Speed

Headset: Logitech G430

Keyboard: Steelseries Apex Pro

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